Monday, 14 March 2011

Final Major project!!

I am over halfway through my final major project now. My theme is called Future Tribalism it's a sort of continuation from my minor project based around science, however this time round I have looked less at cells and the biological side of science and have moved on to technology infused with nature. Florals and microchips have become my main focus of imagery. These are some photos of my drawings:

Minor project

Here are my final designs for my minor project: Under the Microscope. Enjoy!

Can you tell I like the colour purple..?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Minor project Drawings!!

Finally got some more work on here.

These are my some of my drawings for my minor project. It was based around imagery from under the microscope and elements of the human body which was infused with florals. I decided to digitally print my designs in the end, with some experimentations with screen printing on some of them. I am pleased with my drawings, I feel that my backgrounds were strong and they gave me a good base to work on.

Here are some of my initial drawing sheets.

Designs to come next. :)