Monday, 12 April 2010

New blog layout

I'v just changed my blog layout giving it a more design look to it. I am looking into creating my own layout instead of a ready made template though ......More work coming soon :)

Oh and I really like this company. I found them whilst I was emailing people for report research. They have really nice quirky designs.


I found some photos from my fashion embroidery project. It was based on a 1980s beach style. I used a mix of print and hand/machine embroidery however I was a bit disappointed with some of the finishes of them. Here's my favourite design to show you.

I used a mix of heat transfer and embroidery on this design and I think the colours work well together, however the transfer paper for my photograph wasn't very good quality and it came out very shiny when I was hoping for a more matte finish. I'm also not too sure about the t-shirt style, however it is the design that's the main thing. :)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The blogging begins.. Hello!

So...I've finally got round to actually starting this blog after a few attempts of starting but then getting distracted. I'm hoping to get some of my wonderful work on here... I've been very busy with essays, reports etc. but soon will be able to post some drawing for my men's print fashion project and produce some wonderful prints to show you all.

Enjoy :)