Monday, 12 April 2010

New blog layout

I'v just changed my blog layout giving it a more design look to it. I am looking into creating my own layout instead of a ready made template though ......More work coming soon :)

Oh and I really like this company. I found them whilst I was emailing people for report research. They have really nice quirky designs.


  1. ooh look at your posh page! how did you manage this? this blogging malarky is still all very confusing for me

  2. Your T-shirt designs well gud =]
    really different to what u did at college have to show me sum more of yr work =D
    Av got a blog but its empty at tho moment lol =D
    x x

  3. hey James very nice love the layout! Done mine but looks a bit boring compared to this, where do you find more interesting ones?